Friday, August 08, 2014

It's 3AM and My Pants Are Beeping

Here's a true story from my sketchbook: every month, on the same day, my pants beep. It always gets me in a panic and I can't sleep.

Drawn with a Micron Pigma 8 pen, with some Photoshop colors overlaid in a hurry.


Craig L. said...

This is a GREAT example of a "scathing cartoon about mean corporations". If it becomes adequately viral, Virgin Mobile will obviously take notice and change it evil ways. Yeah. Sure.

Still, if this is happening monthly, you could add to your calendar a reminder when to go to sleep 4 hours early and pre-plan Things to Do at 3AM. Because Globalization.

I once had a job here on The West Coast that required regular communication with The East Coast, so my working hours started at 6:30AM. I did miss most of the L.A. Rush Hour traffic both ways so there was that side benefit, but still...

Trade Loeffler said...

Haha. This is awesome, Mike. I love the odd little detail of your phone beeping in the middle of the night that set this whole story up. Almost makes it worth being waken up, doesn't it?